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What we do

Our planet faces challenges, but at Weforest International, we believe in solutions. We're a passionate group working to create a healthier world through three key initiatives: Climate Action: We plant trees to capture carbon, advocate for stricter environmental regulations, and promote renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. Our goal is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition communities toward a cleaner future. Eco-Stewardship: We cultivate native trees, educate communities on sustainable living, and organize eco-tours to reconnect people with nature. By partnering with schools and institutions, we aim to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and increase green spaces within our communities. Circular Green: We tackle plastic pollution by establishing recycling plants and partnering with construction companies to incorporate recycled plastic into infrastructure projects. We advocate for policies that incentivize recycling and discourage single-use plastics, promoting a closed-loop system for plastic waste.

Indigenous Trees Planted
People Educated
Indigenous Species Planted

We believe in


Empowering Communities for Environmental Stewardship: We foster a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment


Protecting Our Planet Through Action: We combat climate change through tree planting, renewable energy promotion, and


Building a Sustainable Future Together: We champion long-term solutions by collaborating with local communities, adopting a