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We harness the transformative power of communities to restore nature and revitalize ecosystems
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Weforest International Is an independent environmental and development . non-governmental Organization

 To make a positive impact in the world, we are mobilizing communities towards mindset change, to do things differently within the confines of ethics beyond reproach- for the good of the present and future generations. We are spearheading environmental sustainability and development in water resource management, renewable energy, climate-smart agriculture, waste management, forestry, marine and wildlife conservation, environmental heritage, gender, and culture in the region with the main aim of pooling competencies in order to provide unified approaches towards solving the challenges faced by the environment.

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17 July, 2020

Eco School is basically an environment friendly school. This program will adopt and collaborate with public and private schools to make them green and energy smart. It will not only promote practice-based environmental education but also make eco-facilities available as teaching and learning support materials.

29 June, 2020

An accelerator and solutions competition focused on innovating solutions to address waste management.

5 May, 2020

Mulika Njaa seeks to address issues of food and nutrition security by promoting ecosystem-based adaptation approaches for food security. This project will promote climate smart agricultural technologies and innovations to increase productivity and enhance climate resilience through promotion of high value resilient crops such as cassava and indigenous vegetables, kitchen farming as well as indigenous chicken. Organic farming and improving cold storage and supply chains to reduce food losses.

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